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Travel photography, vivid landscapes, and shiny things.

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Rarely updated blog. Not for politically-correct “sheeple.”

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My life story, in responsive HTML format.
Visit my current projects or view my contact info. I don't update this page!

Hi, you've reached the website of Brian Marquez. There are many people named Brian Marquez in this world, but you're looking at this one.

I do website things, programming things, travel things, trading things, and photography things.

I graduated with a Computer Science degree from USC, did independent web development for a few years, worked at Apple developing automated QA tools for OS X & Xcode for a few years, and independently developed semi-automated trading systems for the futures markets.

I also don't update this website. View my current projects above. View my email & social media below.

Don't take anything I post on social media at face value, if you read my blog you'd know why.

  • 95% skilled in arbitrary text boxes

  • 14% skilled in enjoying bureaucracy

  • 71% skilled liking the color blue #6699FF

  • 100% skilled in not taking himself seriously